Dekopon (デコポン) デコポン

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Dekopon (Dekopon) is a 3D model.

【 Production Policy 】
-LT has been produced in an effort to get a tone that can be used as a texture and a beautiful line drawing when converted.

-Since the size feeling is close to the actual thing, it is abnormally large when I use it, or it is small (if it is possible to contact you, I fix it)

The number of polygons is made to make it to make it to the material which is easy to operate more easily by making it smaller.




Dekopon (3D material)

default material

LT converted to Shadow

LT-Converted line drawing



LT変換後 陰影あり

LT変換後 線画

Material マテリアル

  • default material 初期マテリアル

disposition 配置

  • default layout 初期レイアウト

Update history

2023/3/28 distribution started. ・2023/3/28 配布開始

Content ID:1991813

Published date : 2 months ago

Updated date : 2 months ago

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ご訪問ありがとうございます^^ 主に現代日本にあるものを3Dで配布しています。 いいね&ギフトいつもありがとうございます!励みになります^^