PowerBank 3D rev2 (PowerBank 3D rev2) PowerBank 3D rev2

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It is a 3D material of portable power supply (uninterruptible power supply).
Where there is no power supply, such as in the case of a disaster and camping equipment is active when the loss of power
It is convenient to charge the laptop and the smartphone usually even (independent of the location of the house outlet).
Such as core gamers continue to work in power outages, the production of thick characters.
You can change the remaining power indicator because the battery gauge part is a different part.

Rev2 new elements: Add a variety of plug-in, detail up of the body (wireless charging port, back light, etc.)

rev2新要素: 各種接続プラグを追加・本体のディテールアップ(無線充電ポート・背面ライト等)

Material マテリアル

  • material material

disposition 配置

  • with plug with plug
  • plug off plug off

Update history

CLIP STUDIO 1.8 3D Material format Since the built-in battery is a DC power supply (DC), there is an electrical outlet operation switch next to the main boot switch to convert it to AC power. クリスタ 1.8 3D素材形式

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Content ID:1881633

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TVアニメ 鬼滅の刃 遊郭編:作画資料用3Dキャラ「竈門炭治郎」を構築しました(ufotable様ご依頼)。 [フリーランスの3DCGデザイナー] 家庭用ゲーム系、PS2ゲーム制作関与タイトル多数。 3Dソフト開発関与:六角大王super6(マテリアルライブラリ全制作)・さし絵スタジオ(コンテンツ共同制作) 著書:「六角大王super6 3D 活用作例集」(共著) 近年は建築CG・3Dプリンタ用データ制作等々何でも引き受ける「よろず3D屋」。 同人・商業漫画家様方々からもご依頼多数頂いております。ありがたや!