Webtoon Working Folder (Modify) (웹툰 작업 폴더(수정)) 웹툰 작업 폴더(수정)

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This is a folder for working with webtoons! I'm bothered to set up folders for every cut, so I'm making materials at all. It was a material that gave us a lot of time reduction when working on the actual manuscript, so I would like others to use it. The material was still unpublished and re-loaded after modification. 웹툰 작업용 폴더입니다! 한 컷마다 폴더 설정을 해주는게 귀찮아 아예 소재를 만들어서 쓰고 있습니다. 실제 원고작업시 시간단축을 많이 해준 소재라 다른분들도 쓰면 좋겠어서 공개했습니다. 소재가 계속 미공개 처리되어 수정 후 재업로드 했습니다.

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Content ID:1868994

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