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You can use this material with Clip Studio Paint Ver.1.10.5 and newer. ( Download the latest version here )

Following the 993pen for shending, it is a blue-and-white <993 coloring="" pen="">coloring pen.
It's all fine for coloring, mute and rough. It's close to soft and colorful colors, and you can adjust the concentration of the water to create a variety of feelings.

Outside the area you want to color, it is then transparently resgragned, and the colors are mixed from the colored area.

The example illustration is <993 coloring="" pen="">a moote illustration using a bay.</993> </993>
선화를 위한 993pen에 이어, 복슬복슬한 채색펜 <993 Coloring pen>입니다.
채색, 무테, 러프에 모두 괜찮습니다. 부드러우면서도 꾸덕한 채색에 가까우며, 물감농도를 조정하여 다양한 느낌을 낼 수 있습니다.

채색할 영역 밖에서 그으면 투명하게 덧그려지고, 채색된 부분부터 그으면 색이 섞입니다.

예시그림은 <993 Coloring pen>만을 사용한 무테 일러스트입니다.

Content ID:1831893

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