Illustration Pack-Watercolor (イラスト作成パック-水彩) イラスト作成パック-水彩

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This material catalog contains materials that can be used from Clip Studio Paint Ver.1.10.5. ( Download the latest version here )

Four brushes to draw illustrations
The thickness is changed by the line pen and the pressure. It is G-pen-ish.
"Cream Watercolor" → main fill brush. I'm good at making gradients.
It is a brush for the finish of "Cream watercolor concentrated" → drawing.
"Smooth Stretch" → It is a tool made aiming at a mixture of natural color. In combination with "Cream watercolor", it is possible to express more smoothly.
「クリーム水彩 濃」→描き込み,仕上げ用の筆です。

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Content ID:1823148

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Thanks for downloading and using my brushes! 素材は月ごとに整理していますので、既にダウンロードしていた場合はそのまま使用していただいて構いません。(素材の再アップロードは今のところ考えていません。)