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A brush that mimicks the texure and blended look of markers!

Example photo's have English, but I will type the writing below so it can be translated automatically as well!

I decided to make a brush that acts like markers more realistically than other brushes I've found before. The texture was created by scanning a swatch of a saturated color on paper, repeating the texture on photoshop, and refining it to not look like a repeated pattern!

Text: "Build up layers for a subtle look" and "A soft realistic traditional look".

Text: "3 Layers, best for dark and saturated colors", "2 layers", and "1 Layer, best for pastel colors".
"1 Layer + clipping group", "2 Layers + clipping group", and "3 Layers + clipping group".

You can get your desired saturation and amount of texture by layering. I don't suggest going over two layers. because it may not look very texured anymore. I use a clipping group over the first layer to keep the desired amount of texture consistent!

Text: "1 layer base + shading on clipping group" and "2 layer base + shading on clipping group".

You can also layer off clipping group if you'd like some of the layered colors to have less texture and more saturation than the base! I use both techniques to create a realistic looking drawing!

Edit: This was taken down for no reason, so I've removed all mention of the marker brand in case that was it. The texture and Brush tip assests are completely handmade, the art is my own, and the characters in the art are my own. Thank you.

Content ID:1809506

Published : 1 year ago

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