One of the three (12 types) of clothes (服のシャラシャラブラシ集2(12種類)) 服のシャラシャラブラシ集2(12種類)

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It is the pen of the "can be used for the edge of clothes, decorations, necklaces, etc.

It is a summary of the four to six of the "the one-of-a-kind" series of clothes. 12 types of total of four × 3 sets are contained.
Because I made it in the gray of 600dpi, I can change the color. The white part which is not the main line becomes sub color.

I think that I have put out a free hand likeness, but more pieces are good, and I want to do it more regularly oppositely, and, please play if necessary.

Thank you for always downloading and the gift. It will be encouraging!




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Content ID:1800543

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レースとか花とか模様とか背景とか描くのが好きです。めっちゃ見ていってください。 pixivでも同じ名前で素材を公開していますが、向こうにしか無いものもあります。こちらにしかないものもこれから増えるかもしれません。

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