3D monitoring room for one-person monitors ver2 (3D一人用モニター室(監視室/モニタールーム)ver2) 3D一人用モニター室(監視室/モニタールーム)ver2

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[Update the initial size to a sense of scale easy to use]
I made a 3D model of the monitor room for one person because it was not so likely.

Twelve monitors, a height-adjustable chair, a display-selectable ceiling/wall/floor, and a separate accessory that can be used on a desk if needed.


Material マテリアル

  • Glass Translucent グラス半透明

Configuration. 配置

  • Room No Hide 部屋非表示 No room
  • Hidden ceiling No Ceiling 天井非表示 No ceiling
  • Show All 全て表示 All
  • The bed is not a No floor. 床非表示 No floor
  • No Item Hidden 小物非表示 No item
  • Chair Lower Lower Chair 椅子低め Lower Chair
  • Chair Raising Upper Chair 椅子高め Upper Chair

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Content ID:1788162

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