3D timed bomb remote/password/C4 bomb/& Detonator (3D時限爆弾リモート/パスワード/C4爆弾/&起爆装置) 3D時限爆弾リモート/パスワード/C4爆弾/&起爆装置

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[Update the initial size to a sense of scale easy to use]
[Because there was a defect in the convenience of update management, specification change in the form of material collection from 4 individual material]

I made three 3D models of the time bomb because it was not likely.
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Password type Time bomb
C4 Type Time bomb
Countdown Monitor & base type timed bomb


3D Time bomb variety & remote control machine 3D時限爆弾各種&遠隔操作機

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Content ID:1788157

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