Bread simple water to eat (먹는빵simple water) 먹는빵simple water

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It is a custom watercolor brush.

It feels like a slippery version of the simple water brush.

It's easy to feel like it's superimposed and mixed.

Please adjust the pressure to fit it as it is quite soft.
커스텀해본 수채화 브러쉬 입니다.

심플워터 브러쉬의 좀더 미끄덩한 버전같은 느낌이예요.

중첩과 섞이는 느낌을 가볍게 낼 수 있어요.

필압은 꽤 부드러운 편이니 맞게 조절해 주세요.

Content ID:1737546

Published date : 2 years ago

Updated date : 2 years ago

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