Western (洋室) 洋室

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This material can be used in Studio Mode. (What is Studio Mode?)

This is a 3D material in a small Western-style room. There are also laid out bets, tables and an LCD TV. Can be used in CLIP STUDIO series.

[How to hide textures in PAINT]
With the 3D data on the canvas selected, click the tool mark at the bottom right of the tool property palette to show palette sub tool detail. On the sub tool detail palette, click environment → rendering settings, and then change the use texture check to OFF.
小さめサイズの洋室室内の3D素材です。ベットやテーブル、液晶テレビなどもレイアウトされています。CLIP STUDIOシリーズで使用できます。


[Example of rendering a 3D model with a textured [lt conversion of layer]
lt conversion of layer [EX only] is a feature that renders 3D models and 2D images placed on the canvas into lines (line) and tones (Tone).

This material allows you to move, display, or hide parts contained in the material in a CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

tool property Palette
If you click the a icon to dismiss the display, you will be able to select the part.
[B] Click to select a part from the list to be included in the material.
[C] You can click to change the visibility of the part.

You can also change the contour line on and off with the light source, shadow, and E in D.

object Launcher
Edit 3D Switching, grounding to the floor, resetting various, depending on the 3D model you can choose colors and pose parts.

※ In the sample image, I use the screen of the CLIP STUDIO PAINT Ver.1.8.0.


この素材は、CLIP STUDIO PAINTで素材に含まれるパーツの移動や表示・非表示を変更できます。




※作例内では、CLIP STUDIO PAINT Ver.1.8.0の画面を使用しています。

Material マテリアル

  • A A
  • B B

Configuration. 配置

  • Basic. 基本
  • Ceiling Unplug 天井抜き
  • Pulling forward 前方抜き
  • Rear Pull 後方抜き
  • Left Unplug 左側抜き
  • Right side unplug 右側抜き

Angle アングル

  • Basic. 基本
  • Bed ベッド
  • Interior インテリア
  • Door ドア
  • Tv テレビ
  • Hallway 廊下

pose parts 可動パーツ

  • Door (Open) ドア(開閉)

Update history

14 September 2018 I updated the material corresponding to the CLIP STUDIO PAINT Ver.1.8.0 later. Material updated to be compatible with Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.8.0 and later. 14 September 2018
CLIP STUDIO PAINT Ver.1.8.0以降に対応した素材にアップデートしました。
Material updated to be compatible with Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.8.0 and later.

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Content ID:1722482

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