Also recommended for picture Diary Blog! Four frames per title (絵日記ブログにもおすすめ!タイトルつき4コマ) 絵日記ブログにもおすすめ!タイトルつき4コマ

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A four-frame title template.
★ There's no title!

Because I am doing the Picture diary blog, I was looking for such material.

In fact, there were four frames template and so on in the material collection, but the size was large on the side, and there was not what I wanted very much by having become eight frames.
So I made one for myself.

Especially the picture diary Blogger, please try to use it by all means.




Content ID:1708077

Published date : 2 years ago

Updated date : 2 years ago

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耳が聞こえないねこ(私)と耳が聞こえるしば(夫)の日常絵日記ブログを書いています。 クリスタを勉強しながら書いているので、色々と質問が多いかもしれませんがよろしくお願いいたします(*'ω'*)

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