Water Pens (水ペン) 水ペン

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There is also that the pen that I use was old, it has become much harder to see settings of pen pressure, after the DL, you may need to adjust to good use for the pressure-sensitive ●

I made a pen that can be used in black and white like a pencil, but it heruurufu because it became a fun pen when I used it in color.

It is a pen that can draw a watery line as it is a stiff edge.
Because it becomes heavy when I enlarge brush size, I might not be suitable for the color coating.
It does not become darker too much even if I push the chalk.

Because it becomes a pencil touch of Gassagasa when it is two values of monochrome, the animation effect, etc., please like it.

I didn't know what kind of thing to do, so I made a water pen (; ´ turn ')

The pen which seems to be happy is happy.






Water Pens 水ペン

Content ID:1693883

Published date : 3 years ago

Updated date : 3 years ago

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