MAXON Material Vol. 1 (MAXON素材集Vol.1) MAXON素材集Vol.1

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  • 3,800 GOLD

"MAXON tone material collection for ComicStudio 4.0" is a collection of materials that are included in the Vol. 1 for CLIP STUDIO PAINT.
Has been recorded 68 points all sixty species. Materials included in the material collection are sold all by itself.
It takes a total 6800GOLD if you buy all the material contained in the material collection alone, you can buy in 3800GOLD if the material collection (3000GOLD great deals).
「MAXONトーン素材集 for ComicStudio 4.0」Vol.1に収録されている素材をCLIP STUDIO PAINT用に変換した素材集です。

Background and labor. 背景・人工

Background and nature. 背景・自然

Ming Jing, Juhe, Hi. 明・静・柔・喜

Darkness, excitement, tension, anger. 暗・激・緊・怒

The handle. 服柄

Floral pattern, Plant pattern 花柄・植物柄

Handle and others 柄・その他

Texture and sand eyes テクスチャ・砂目

Content ID:1692925

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