Anime Color for CLIP STUDIO (CLIP STUDIO用アニメカラー) CLIP STUDIO用アニメカラー

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This is a color set material of the color used when the data drawn in the CLIP STUDIO PAINT is output for Paintman and OpenToonz. Can be used for color-tres lines and shadow-specified fills.
* "OpenToonz Scene file output" that can be output for PaintMan [animation cels output] and data exported as data for OpenToonz is a function that can be used only in EX.
CLIP STUDIO PAINTで作画したデータを​、​PaintManやOpenToonz用に出力する​際に使用する色のカラーセット素材です​。​​色トレス線や影指定の塗りに使用できます。

Content ID:1691252

Published date : 5 years ago

Updated date : 4 years ago

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CLIP STUDIO PAINTの開発・販売を行うセルシスの公式アカウントです。CELSYS official account. We develop and sell CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

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