Sky and Clouds 1 (空と雲1) 空と雲1

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Using cross-hatching and pens with a 60-ray gradient tone
I created a cloud of the atmosphere like the analog scraping.
  • object tool to change the width, number of lines, etc. gradation
  • It is large because it matched it with the B4 size manuscript paper.
  • Resolution is 600dpi

  • It is almost the size of 1P in B5 manuscript paper.
  • The above is a large cloud, but there is a small cloud in the lower side, and I think that it crunchy interfere when the vicinity is used for the little frame.
  • It also becomes the night sky when a dark gradation tone is repeated from the top. It becomes it when the star is drawn with the white pen in the place not the cloud.

  • オブジェクトツールでグラデの幅や線数など変更可
  • B4サイズ原稿用紙に合わせたので大きめです
  • 解像度は600dpi

  • B5原稿用紙でしたらほぼ丸々1P分の大きさです
  • 上の方は大きめの雲ですが下の方には小さめの雲もありますので小さなコマにはその辺りを使うと邪魔くさくならないかと思います。
  • 上からもう一枚暗いグラデーショントーンを重ねると夜空にもなります。雲じゃないところに白ペンで星とか描くとそれっぽくなります。

Content ID:1687375

Published : 7 years ago

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