Wooden School Hall (木造校舎_廊下) 木造校舎_廊下

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It is a 3D background material of the staircase equipped with a retro wooden school hallway and landing. Can be used in CLIP STUDIO series.

[How to hide textures in PAINT]
With the 3D data on the canvas selected, click the tool mark at the bottom right of the tool property palette to show palette sub tool detail. On the sub tool detail palette, click environment → rendering settings, and then change the use texture check to OFF.
レトロな木造校舎の廊下と踊り場を備える階段の3D背景素材です。CLIP STUDIOシリーズで使用できます。


Angle アングル

  • Basic. 基本
  • Hallway End 廊下端
  • Stage. 階段

Material マテリアル

  • Basic. 基本

Layout レイアウト

  • Basic. 基本
  • Ceiling Unplug 天井抜き
  • Window opener 窓側抜き
  • Classroom side pulling out 教室側抜き
  • No hallway 廊下なし
  • Stairs-No Wall 1 階段-壁なし1
  • Stairs-No Wall 2 階段-壁なし2
  • Stairs-No Wall 3 階段-壁なし3

Content ID:1686194

Published date : 6 years ago

Updated date : 6 years ago

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