Leisure Boat (Large) (レジャーボート(大)) レジャーボート(大)

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This material can be used in Studio Mode. (What is Studio Mode?)

It is a 3D material of the leisure boat (large). I can change the angle freely and use it.

[How to hide textures in PAINT]
With the 3D data on the canvas selected, click the tool mark at the bottom right of the tool property palette to show palette sub tool detail. On the sub tool detail palette, click environment → rendering settings, and then change the use texture check to OFF.


[Example of rendering a 3D model with a textured [lt conversion of layer]
lt conversion of layer [EX only] is a feature that renders 3D models and 2D images placed on the canvas into lines (line) and tones (Tone).

■ Routemanupilator
Drag the cursor over the root manipulator arrow to move up, down, right, and back. Also, drag along the ring to rotate.

■ object launcher
In the object launcher, you can switch between 3D editing and ground to the floor, and depending on the 3D model you can choose the color and pose parts.

■ tool property
Apply light source on the tool property palette allows you to turn the light on and off and adjust the orientation.
If you don't want to see shadows in your 3D model, turn shadow off.

※ In the sample image, I use the menu screen in the CLIP STUDIO PAINT1.6.3.




※作例内では、CLIP STUDIO PAINT1.6.3でのメニュー画面を使用しています。

Material マテリアル

  • default material 初期マテリアル

Configuration. 配置

  • default layout 初期レイアウト

Content ID:1685577

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