Leaf (starting and ending) pen (葉っぱ(入り抜き)ペン) 葉っぱ(入り抜き)ペン

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The pen is customize. Use pressure and starting and ending to draw leaves and thin leaves. The CLIP STUDIO PAINT version of the IllustStudio brush with the same name. The IllustStudio version is slightly different from the writing taste. ペンをカスタマイズしたものです。筆圧・入り抜きを利用して木の葉や細い葉を描きます。同名のIllustStudioブラシのCLIP STUDIO PAINT版です。イラスタ版とは若干書き味が違います。

Content ID:1372642

Published date : 8 years ago

Updated date : 4 years ago

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