Star Pattern 03-2_ Transmission (星模様03-2_透過) 星模様03-2_透過

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It is a fancy image material studded with colorful stars. It can be used for clothes, accessories, backgrounds and effects. カラフルな星がちりばめられたファンシーな画像素材です。洋服や小物、背景や効果などに活用できます。

In the tool property palette, you can change the size and angle of the image or the pattern.

If you want to dot the pattern, click the tone icon in the layer property palette.
If you want the pattern to be transparent, such as whitewashed, select use brightness of image under concentration.

※ In the sample image, I use the menu screen in the CLIP STUDIO PAINT1.1.0.



※作例内では、CLIP STUDIO PAINT1.1.0でのメニュー画面を使用しています。

Content ID:1358732

Published : 11 years ago

Last updated : 7 years ago

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