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この材料は8月31日までに20 CPで販売されます

{NEW!!!} 雑誌は、今では目的不明のために取り外し可能です!笑..

CSP 内の 3D ファイルのイメージ:
-There were problems with the lighting with my previous gun models but I've fiddled with the latest models so it should look better than before. And there's no need for instruction this time.

--Since I saw a lot of people liked the previous models I'm extending the date of the new models by the end of August.

This material will be sold for 20 CP by August 31

{NEW!!!} Magazines are now detachable for unknown for purposes! Lol....

Image of the 3d file inside CSP:

材料 Material

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公開日 : 2年前

更新日 : 2年前

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Check my newly created webtoon out! It's in my profile if you're interested. I draw and create things that I consider, Interesting... I ALSO sell models for a very cheap price ;> you're welcome. "There are demands that need suppliance"- I forgor