MJIファジーソフトペン (MJI Fuzzy Soft Pen) MJI Fuzzy Soft Pen


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基本的なスケッチ、色付け、またはソフトエッジの描画ペン。わずかなブレンド効果で感圧。 A basic sketching, coloring, or drawing pen with a soft edge. Pressure sensitive with a slight blending effect.


公開日 : 1か月前

更新日 : 1か月前

BugFolkさんのプロフィール ...もっと詳しく

I'm new here trying to figure out the layout and features. I'm also a clumsy typer so I apologize for my typos in advance. My main art is polymer clay. I'm trying to improve my digital art skills, thus why I am here.