A collection of wood materials (何らかの木 素材集) 何らかの木 素材集

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Image material and brushes of trees created for your manuscript.
It is not amusing even if it grows in the courtyard of the promenade and the school, and the usual name is not understood, and the tree which does not stand out especially... I was produced aiming to.
I went out to the wood and inadvertently in the manuscript, but the deadline is dangerous! It is also recommended to those who. Please use it to fill the screen by all means.
The image material is divided into three layers: line drawings, solid and groundwork. Depending on the situation.
Please let me know if there is any deficiency because I produced it in rush construction.

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Update history

Appended (2020/4/12) In the initial release, the software available in the "CLIP STUDIO DEBUT" was included. But in fact, I could not use the [image material] in the material collection. Therefore, we will release the item again. I am very sorry for the user who downloaded it, and for the official CLIP STUDIO you pointed out. I will be careful not to do anything like this in the future. 追記(2020/4/12)
公開当初、使用できるソフトウェアに「CLIP STUDIO DEBUT」が含まれておりました。

Content ID:1770029

Published date : 2 years ago

Updated date : 2 years ago

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漫画を描きます。自分用に作った少女漫画的な素材を公開しています。 購入/取得してくださった方、またいいねやギフトなど、感謝致します…! 皆さんの作品に活用して頂けること、私も嬉しく思います。