Atari Pen Set ver2.0 (アタリペンセット ver2.0) アタリペンセット ver2.0

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Sub tool can draw a graduated line.
No figures, for the number of horizontal, it will be set for the number of vertical.
I think that it is good when I use it for the usage such as taking the Atari of a person's head body.

Atari Pens (ver1.0) アタリペン(ver1.0)

Bonus: scale (vector image) おまけ:目盛り(ベクター画像)

Atari Pen (Kai) ver2.0 アタリペン(改) ver2.0

Update history

2013/08/18 up 2013/08/18 bonus: tick (vector image) added 4 points up to 2013/08/26 ver2.0 Atari Pen (Kai) 2013/08/18 up
2013/08/18 おまけ:目盛り(ベクター画像)追加
2013/08/26 ver2.0 アタリペン(改)に4点up

Content ID:1467984

Published date : 7 years ago

Updated date : 4 years ago

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