A bunch of erasers I find useful for niche situations, like erasing pencil or sketch lines or softening an airbrush.  None of these have a texture so they will not give too much extra texture on a painting or drawing with one :0

1. Hard Rectangle
4. (sorry for being out of order, it will make sense later) Soft Rectangle
2. Softest Particles
3. Fog
5. Triangle Curve
6. Soft Pencil
7. Crunchy Particles
8. Grain
9. Snowfall
10. Overlap

Most of these erasers have lower density & opacity by pressure.  Feel free to change them for a harder or softer eraser:

Below are each compared with hard, soft, textured, & transparent lines.  The order is the same as the first image.  The first eraser mark on the left is at full pressure while the second on the right is gently erasing.

Thanks for taking a look, feel free to modify these to your heart's content if you download them :D