Silver World Sky
Line Squash
Pancake Hill
Sunny Cider
Hazard Area Beta
-Safety Area Z
-Neon City at night
Dream Gem
The rain I saw yesterday
Cotton Candy Mist
Sleepy Sky
-Invisible Feelings
Honey Lemon DRIVE

Has a total of 14 types of gradients.

Enjoy in the layer mode of your choice. It is also a good feeling to flip the gradient.

Cotton Candy Mist/pin light 38% (upper left)
-Neon City in the night/vivid light 51% (right)
-Sunny cider/linear light 45% (lower left)
Rain seen yesterday/hard light 91% (bottom right)

The previous "Emo gradient set". I think that it is also different atmosphere to use it together with the gradient of this place. ↓

・Line Squash
・Cotton Candy Mist
・sleepy sky



・Cotton Candy Mist/ピンライト 38%(左上)
・夜のネオン街/ビビッドライト 51%(右上)
・晴天サイダー/リニアライト 45%(左下)
・昨日見た雨/ハードライト 91%(右下)