Photo Series of Insects -- Number 1 -- Texas red harvester ant colony

Taken 07-03-2021 about 8pm Central Time Texas, United States

Photo of large red Harvester ants entering and exiting the hole they dug for a den.

These are the most common ants sold for ant farms.

The ground is dry and cracked from the hot Texas sun, lack of rain, and strong dry wind.

The bare ground surrounding the entrance hole is covered with little

pieces of dirt and rocks that the ants removed to build their den.

Ants can be playthings, villain

(their sting is very painful and can cause severe allergic reactions),

science experiments, and more.


This image would work -- As a Background element,

To Draw From,

Used as Part of Your Picture,

And even Artwork Decorating a Room

Feel free to use in any way you like.