If you are using CLIP STUDIO VERSION 1.11.0 and the Target asset is disappearing when you move the camera, Please update to the latest 1.11.4 Patch where this bug has been fixed!

The Only Perspective Grid You Need!

A fully 3D perspective grid that can be dropped into any canvas and edited!
No need for figuring out correct vanishing points or dealing with janky perspective tools anymore.

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-- How to use --

simply drag in the "Grid Asset" into your canvas, then Drag the "Target Asset" on top of that, and you're done!

You can use the built in 3d tool controls to rotate/pan your perspective of the grid and your mouse scroll wheel to adjust the FOV.

If you don't have a mouse wheel or need extra fine control over the FOV, you can find the "Perspective" slider in the tool properties panel;

Here you can also find a "Roll" slider which allows you to create dutch angles.

If you need to move the position of the horizon line in frame, switch to the "Move Layer (K)" tool and move the whole 3d layer.