It is a set of the brush that can draw the water and shadow easily.
Main color to portray the color of the shadow, sub color Select the color of the water surface.
Recommended colors are black and white in the picture.
The overlay layer makes it feel good to be familiar with the colors.
The light of the sea floor becomes blurred after it describes it with the water brush.

* 2020.6.5. 3000DL topped! 1 spot in daily rankings.
* 2020.6.6. 5000DL topped! The daily rankings also ranked first in the second consecutive day.
Thank you very much for your use. (5227DL)
* 2020.6.19 6000DL topped!
The daily ranking was ranked as high as 46 days in a row.
* 2020 8.17 8000DL topped! Thank you for your kind.
* 2021.3.8 10000DL topped! Thank you for your kind.


※2020.6.5. 3000DL突破!デイリーランキング1位。
※2020.6.6. 5000DL突破!デイリーランキングも2日連続1位に。
※2020.6.19 6000DL突破!
※2020 8.17 8000DL突破!ありがとうございます。
※2021.3.8 10000DL突破!ありがとうございます。