Auto action to create the texture of the feeling that ■ Somehow, using the tone function,
It is auto action collection + gradient map collection to produce a good tonal correction and noise to use along with it.
I think that it becomes rough feeling that the RGB decomposition wind is full and there is a decent atmosphere.
There are many things that are not suitable for smaller images.

※ The effect sample is running after all the dots are placed on the dot.

* Before using auto action, save the active file.
You may be forced to quit.
It is also a good idea to close the application once, if you have preferences or brushes customize.
You can save preferences, dock customize, create new brushes, etc.
Because it is done when it completes successfully.

Because I use a filter function such as perlin noise, a blur, a transformation, and a convert layer cancer,
If you use a little from the usual CLIP STUDIO stop if you say you care.
Bless pre-preservation and file duplication.

To create a ■ DOT, you must select the layer in which you want the texture to be executed.
(People-only layers, etc.)
If you are not sure, please use the integrated image.

■ Dot can change the fineness of the dot by changing the number of lines of tone.
Because I prepare a pattern and action in each number of lines, please change it manually after performing something close to liking, etc.
The number of tone layers used is a single dot/simple one, white is two, RGB, RGB > CMY is 3 sheets.
If you do not want the moire, for example, three slices of RGB should be corrected number of lines of tone.

■ "Effect" shades are often used tonal correction layer tone curve or gradient map,
I think that you can change the hue so casually by changing the gradient map.
I put it in the set of the gradient map and, please if good. Please use any other gradient map you like.
Because all the layers are adjusted, the processing that I created can hide only noise and the edge and regulate the concentration and like lowering.
Please try various because you can open and change the solid layer, such as double-click.
It is a light description of a particularly heavy-use layer. There are many other tonal correction layer, but if you do not know, it is good to try to open it by double click for the time being suitably.

■ Kraft paper wind has three patterns. White and the wind is simply the one of the GRADEMAP specification not put brown paper color in the part of white + whitish color,
There are two patterns of how to do whitish a favorite range by specifying the selection in the gamut. Please use it according to the image which uses either.
Grademap Tipe can adjust the white part by brightness and contrast in the processing folder to some extent.

■ The action to create a mask, such as noise is not in the sample,
The action to create the particulate texture, the effect of creating a paper tilted stripe is also included.
As an added bonus since you just made the action of merging a copy of the display layer
Please use it for the confirmation when displaying it when the preview of the color of the dot (tone) is difficult to understand.
(The same result as merging a copy of the display layer in the submenu of the layer,
This action simply means that you can run either of the layer display states that are currently selected. )

I hope you have a try while you play a lot of integrated images prepared for now.
Please correct and use it if you think this is what you are using the method is a roundabout way.