It is good even if the texture wind Nigashi is painted, and smudge as a kind of watercolor brush, and mixes and is good analog wind brush.
I made the drawing paper based on the images I drew with acrylic gouache.
In the past, "a can-do-it-me-0 1" [gouache _ Wet 01] has been released, but the two points are also included.
All six types.
2015/5/212 points Added
[Mixed color tube]
I felt the dollar coming out directly from the color tube. The color is dragged and rolled. The brush size is less variable pressure and varies with speed.
[Scattered gouache]
All of the above brush shape scattered randomly. The feeling that the color was taken with the sponge when the Dark is cut in the transparent selection comes out. The color is dragged somewhat. Border of watercolor strengthened.
I was aiming at salt water and watercolor is subtle. This is...
以前単品で「 ア​ク​リ​ル​ガ​ッ​シ​ュ​0​1」「ガッシュ_ウェット01」を公開していますが、その二点も含まれています。